Our Services

What We Do

GrantScape is a highly respected charity which specialises in community benefit fund grant administration and management. We provide grant-making solutions through the delivery of top quality, cost-effective grant programmes.

Since 1997, we have firmly established ourselves as a leader in community fund grant administration and management and are one of the UK’s major grant-makers.

Experience & Expertise
Successfully established and delivered over 80 Community Fund programmes

Awarded and distributed more than £90 million

Currently manage over 30 Community Funds for 18 clients
Independent & Transparent
No political bias or personal agenda

Open and accessible application process for all

Local decision making panels

GrantScape's Board of Trustees
Successful Outcomes
Clearly identified objectives

Impact measurables defined and reported upon

Individual support to enable awarded projects to deliver on time and in budget

Improved relationships with the community

How We Do It

Our tried and tested eight-stage framework ensures that your commitment supports your objectives, community priorities and makes a real impact.

Firstly, we work with you to establish if there are any particular challenges to address and how these can be overcome. We are flexible and able to adapt our service to meet your specific needs.
We then design a robust end-to-end process, including impact measurables to fully support the aims of the Fund. These are summarised in Progress Reports at agreed intervals.
Once agreed, we promote and launch the Fund, create an independent local panel, review and assess applications, ensure claim and reporting requirements are in place plus governance and due diligence.

We provide a full range of services to support individual or every stage of community funding and subsidy payment schemes.

Our expertise in creating and managing Community Benefit Funds and Subsidy Initiatives means we can support your Community Engagement objectives from the very beginning.

Community Consultation
Gain insight into local issues and priorities to help shape specific funding criteria via:

Targeted Stakeholder Meetings
Public Events
Community Programme Design
Open, transparent, accessible through:

Criteria and Application Form
Branding and Promotion
Payments and Monitoring
Local and National Grant Panels
Administration & Governance
At the core of what we do so well:

Registered Charity
18 clients (nearly £5 million distributed each year)
Restricted Bank Accounts
First Class, Bespoke service
Impact & Promotion
Focus on the difference it makes:

Progress and Completion Reporting
Opening Event Celebrations
Social Media Engagement
Newsletter Creation and Distribution
Energy Subsidy Schemes
Making donations to individuals

Establish Eligibility Criteria
Create and Deliver Registration Process
Evaluation and Confirmation
Claims and Payments
Community Fund Evaluation
Is it meeting expectations and objectives?

Review and Evaluate Fund Impact
Make Recommendations For Improvement and Provide Support
Ongoing Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

Back Office Support

In addition to our comprehensive services detailed, we are also able to offer short-term day-to-day activity support during busy periods, such as assessing applications, issuing contracts, authorising payment claims and anything else you may require assistance with at peak times or if you are experiencing staffing shortages.

Contact GrantScape’s Chief Executive, Matt Young today on 01908 247635, to find out how we can support you.