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GrantScape is a highly respected charity which specialises in community benefit fund grant administration and management. We provide grant-making solutions through the delivery of top quality, cost-effective grant programmes. Since 1997, we have firmly established ourselves as a leader in community fund grant administration and management and are one of the UK’s major grant-makers.

We administer community funds (CF) on behalf of Local Authorities, large scale renewable energy developers including wind farms and solar farms, other renewable energy plants and landfill operators (through the Landfill Communities Fund).

We can help you set up your CF, no matter what size, where it is located or who it is targeted at. To date, we have successfully established and delivered over 80 separate CFs across England and Wales and have given more than £90 million to projects which have helped strengthen local communities and protect the natural environment.

As a specialist in this field of grant making, with a reputation for providing a trustworthy and value-added service, GrantScape welcomes the opportunity to work with organisations offering a CF as a means of supporting the local community.

Where the CF is for a private developer or organisation, GrantScape will assess all new opportunities on a case by case basis and consider administering these community benefit funds as long as:

  • GrantScape is not used, or in any way appears to be used, to help influence the outcome of a planning decision
  • GrantScape is not used in any way to endorse the activities of the developer
  • GrantScape can administer the CF independently from the developer
  • GrantScape can add value to the CF by working closely with the local community and other local stakeholders to ensure the CF meets the needs of the local community
  • The grant-application process is fully open and transparent, with all decisions on where funds are awarded in the public domain.
  • All the projects supported through the CF meet our charitable objectives and the local needs
  • The association with the developer does not adversely affect our reputation and /or the contracts we hold with our existing clients

Our specialism is in developing highly effective and efficient end-to-end processes for each grant programme, designed to ensure that their specific objectives are always met in full. As a result, we have now developed a range of customer-focused community fund management services for organisations and individuals looking to benefit from our expertise.

These services are delivered by our skilled and flexible team who have collectively accrued over 60 years’ professional experience in the business of grant management.

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please visit the Grant Finder section of the website to find information on our current grants available.

If you are interested in finding out more about how GrantScape could manage your grant-giving objectives, please call Matt Young, our Chief Executive, on 01908 247630 or email matt.young@grantscape.org.uk.

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