Plastic Carrier Bag Charge Donations – England

Plastic Carrier Bag Charge Donations

As the Plastic Carrier Bag Charge commenced in England on 5 October 2015, it presents an opportunity for retailers to donate the charge to a Charity. Our vision for this is more far-reaching than donating to a specific Charity which is committed to a single cause. Instead, why not pass your donations to GrantScape, a grant-making Charity which specialises in setting up and managing Community Funds on behalf of corporate clients, for the benefit of local communities.

Since 1997, we have successfully created and delivered more than 35 grant programmes across the UK. These have provided over £80 million towards more than 1,600 projects which have helped strengthen local communities and protect the natural environment. All of these programmes have always met, and often exceed, the expectations of both the clients and applicants, in this case, your customers.

The Community Fund would be set up to allow local groups near to your shops to apply for grants for a range of projects/activities. Through a clear and simple application process, we will ensure that only the best and worthwhile projects are supported. This would provide an excellent marketing opportunity to your business and help strengthen community relationships.

As a market leader in this field, we will create a valuable and diverse Community Fund for you that will:

  • Promote the availability and benefits of the programme as widely as possible
  • Deal directly with the community on your behalf
  • Meet your specific grant-making objectives
  • Provide a nationwide service
  • Offer a simple, online application
  • Provide cost effective management of the entire grant programme
  • Deliver the programme to our current high standards

For more information about the Funds we are currently managing and the clients we work for, have a look around our website or give our Marketing Manager, Tina Knibbs a call on: 01908 247633 or email: