Steven Hargreaves (1952 – 2015)

StevenWe are sad to report the death of our founding Chief Executive, Steven Hargreaves.

Steven started his working life with the Coal Board in his native Lancashire, but by 1996 was working for the waste management company Shanks & McEwan.  When the Landfill Tax was introduced, Steven spotted an opportunity which was of great interest to him – to set up and run the associated Landfill Tax Credit Scheme (now the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF)) on behalf of Shanks.  Initially Steven remained a Shanks employee, but by 2000 he left Shanks and became Chief Executive of EB Nationwide Limited.  In addition Steven was actively involved in developing standards for this new LCF initiative, working with the Environmental Bodies Council (EBCO) and with ENTRUST, the scheme regulator, throughout the early years of the scheme.

Subsequently Steven oversaw the setting up of a charity to replace EB Nationwide – Shanks First Fund was incorporated in 2003 and renamed GrantScape in 2005. In addition, a trading company was established to undertake work outside the charity’s remit.

Changes to both the LCF and our major donor at around this time could have spelt an end to the charity, but Steven worked tirelessly to identify new LCF donors (thanks to his efforts we now distribute grants for eight landfill operators) and subsequently with colleagues to develop links into new areas, in particular wind and solar energy where GrantScape now delivers Community Benefit Funds for seven developers, is in discussion with others, and is now sufficiently well recognised for developers to approach us for help!

All those who came into contact with Steven recognised a man with integrity and honesty and someone with high professional standards who strove to encourage and develop all those he came into contact with.

In early 2015 Steven showed some signs of being unwell, by early May he had to stop working and was diagnosed with duodenal cancer and told that only palliative care was available.  He fought hard, but died in November 2015, just 2 weeks after his 63rd birthday.

He will be sorely missed, though in true Steven style, he had been encouraging a colleague to develop, and at their meeting in December GrantScape’s Trustees appointed Matt Young (previously GrantScape’s Grant Director) as Chief Executive with effect from 1 January 2016.