Walney Extension Community Fund


Communities off the Cumbria and Lancashire coast (please see map)

Total Grants Available:

£600,000 approximately per year (£100,000 of this is ring-fenced for a ‘Skills Fund’)

Fund Provided by:

The Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm

In October 2015 Ørsted (Formerly DONG Energy) decided to construct an extension to the operational Walney offshore wind farm. The extension will be located in the Irish Sea, around 19km WSW off the Walney Island coast in Cumbria. To find out more about the project development itself, please click here

Ørsted has committed to a Fund worth approximately £600,000 a year for the lifetime of the Project.

Skills Fund

£100,000 of the Fund each year is ring-fenced for a ‘Skills Fund’. Please note that the Skills Fund operates differently to the main Community Fund with different processes and closing dates. Please click below for more information.

Following a detailed community consultation process, the Walney Extension Community Fund is now open to applications.

Community Fund

There are two funding rounds each year. The next application closing dates are detailed below. Late applications submitted after the closing date will be processed in the following round (approximately six months later).

Closing date:
10 January 2025
Decision by:
Early April 2025
Closing date:
2 July 2025
Decision by:
End September 2025
Grants Awarded

To find out which organisations were previously awarded grants, please click below:

Funding Area

To be eligible to apply for a grant your project must be located, and for the benefit of communities, within the funding area. (Please note the area of benefit also includes the coastal tidal zones directly in line with the onshore areas).

If you have questions about whether your project is located in the Walney Extension Community Fund eligible area please call the GrantScape team. We would much rather we confirm this before you spend time completing your application to find out later your project is not eligible.

Please click on the map image below. It will open up an interactive map within which you can enter your postcode and zoom in to identify if your project is located in the area of benefit. If your location appears within any of the coloured shaded areas of the map, it is located within the funding area.

Grant Amounts

Grants from £500 up to £50,000 are available. Now you have checked the map and are confident your project is located within the area of benefit, please read the Full Criteria carefully to make sure your project is eligible.

West of Morecambe Fisheries Ltd

Ørsted alongside other organisations, also donates funds to the West of Morecambe Fisheries Ltd for the purpose of supporting and developing commercial fishing activities.

For more information about this Fund please visit their website: http://www.westofmorecambe.com/