Hazel Gap Solar Farm Community Fund


Hazel Gap Solar Farm near Carburton in Nottinghamshire

Fund Provided by:


The Hazel Gap Solar Farm near Carburton in Nottinghamshire had £28,800 available for community projects.

This one-off amount was made possible by a voluntary donation from the project developer, Solarcentury.

Applications for the Fund have now closed and final decisions have been made, following a review by a Community Advisory Panel, with representatives of each the Carburton Parish Meeting and the Cuckney and Norton Parish Council. From all of the applications received, the following projects will receive grants (subject to contract):

The Battle of Hatfield Investigation Society – £4,000

Towards a scientific analysis of skeletal remains discovered in mass graves at St. Mary’s Cuckney in 1950/51 and adjoining area

Norton and Cuckney Parish Council – £16,125

– Repair and improve the old water troughs on Baker Lane Cuckney – £8,760
– Create a ‘permissive footpath’ around Mill Hill, Cuckney, and provide a park type bench – £1,900
– Restore the historic railings at the head of Cuckney Dam – £2,353
– A community garden wall restoration project – £3,112

Carburton Parish Meeting – £3,375

Provide general village improvements including 3 grit boxes, new village signs, village benches and the creation of wildflower areas

St Giles Church (through the Carburton Parish Meeting) – £5,300

Provide cutlery and crockery for village events/entertainment, bigscreen noticeboards and physical improvements to the church