Solarcentury Community Fund

Solarcentury Community Fund


Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

Total Grants Available:

Dependant upon size of solar farm development

Fund Provided by:


Solarcentury is in business for a purpose: to build solar farms that make a meaningful difference in the fight against climate change. For full details about Solarcentury please visit their website at

Solarcentury recognise that the construction phase of a solar farm can be disruptive and it also recognises that there isn’t automatically a direct benefit to neighbours of the solar farm. Solarcentury want the local community to share the benefits and wants to be a ‘good neighbour’. They have therefore established the Solarcentury Community Fund.

The Fund provides grants for specified local and community projects which will be available after construction of the solar farm project.

Specific criteria and the process to award the grants for each site is developed separately in consultation with the local community, although Solarcentury are particularly keen to support projects in the community that:

  • promote science to the young (e.g., trips to the Science Museum)
  • improve biodiversity (e.g., the planting of wildflower areas, support for local beekeepers)
  • reduce dependency on fossil fuels (e.g., solar for the local school, car sharing schemes, local vegetable area).

The amount of funding available for each local fund is calculated on the size of the solar farm; the larger the site the more funding will be available.

For details about grants awarded for Aston House Solar Farm, Grove Solar Farm, Folly Lane Solar Farm, Bunn’s Hill and Frog’s Loke Solar Farm, Oulton Airfield Solar Farm, Rookery Business Park Solar Farm, Hazel Gap Solar Farm, Hunciecroft Solar Farm and Morton Solar Farm, please click here

There are no Funds available at this time.