RSCEI Claim Frequently Asked Questions

How can I claim?
Only those who registered in 2019 are eligible to submit a claim, via our online portal. Instructions of how to do this have been emailed or posted to eligible claimants.
If you have any accessibility issues with our online form, please contact us.

How many years will the subsidy be paid?
Eligible claimants will be contacted directly every year, for the next 35 years (or until the Facility ceases operation, whichever is the sooner). We will let you know when the claim period opens and closes.

How much will each eligible, registered household receive?
The subsidy amount for 2024 is £79.30. Rookery South Limited calculate the amount from the base figure of £60 in 2016 and inflate it annually using the Consumer Price Index.

How will my claim be paid?
The claim will be paid directly into the nominated householder’s bank or building society account. You will need to confirm your bank details each year, as this information will be deleted from our system once the payment process has been completed.

When will my claim be paid?

In 2024, your claim will be paid by 30 June 2024. You will be notified each year when the payment will be made.

If I have registered but forgotten to claim for one year, can I claim the RSCEI the following year?
Yes. If you miss one year, you may claim the following year for that year only (not the previous year). If you miss two consecutive years, you will no longer be eligible to claim.

If my partner moves out but I am still occupying the property that was registered can I claim the RSCEI?
The main claimant can nominate a second claimant. Providing your name is included on the Registration and/or subsequent Claim Form as the second claimant, you can continue to claim.

How do I let you know about a change of name (i.e. if I get married or revert to my maiden name?)
You must forward a copy of your marriage, civil partnership, divorce certificate, deed poll or statutory declaration with your Claim Form, either online, via email or post.

Can I change my second nominated claimant during the 35 year claim period?
Yes. Providing the main claimant remains the same and the second claimant is over 18 and a resident of the eligible household.

If I move out or pass away and my child(ren) become(s) the main householder(s) of the property, are they entitled to claim?
Yes. Providing they were the second nominated claimant on the Registration Form and/or the subsequent Claim Forms.

If I move out of a registered property and outside of the area, then move back into the eligible area within the 35 year period, can I register again for the RSCEI?
You may only miss one claim year. If you move away for longer than two claim years, you will no longer be eligible to claim.

If I am registered and then move to a different property in the eligible area (including a property that is not yet built), can I transfer my claim?
Yes. You will need to tell GrantScape your new address and provide a copy of a recent electricity bill before the end of the current or next claim period.

If I move out of the property but do not sell it and rent it to another person(s), can I still claim?
No. To be eligible for the RSCEI, you must be the registered householder or nominated second claimant and continue to reside in the eligible property.

If I move into a registered property, from outside of the area and am not the original claimant, can I register to claim?
No. If the original household vacates the property, the new residents will not be eligible to register for the RSCEI.

If the facility ceases to operate within 35 years, can I continue to claim?
No. The RSCEI is only payable whilst the Facility is commercially operational.

If my email address changes, what should I do?
You must let us know if your email address changes as this is how we will notify you when a claim period opens. You can only submit a Claim during the claim period. If you miss two Claim periods, your registration will lapse.

Will any of my information provided to GrantScape be shared with Rookery South Limited or any other third party?
No, GrantScape will not share any information (apart from statistical data about uptake) with Rookery South Limited or any third party. However, if GrantScape is no longer the appointed contractor to deliver this service, we will need to share the details of everyone registered with Rookery South Liimted for the sole purpose of Rookery South Limited continuing the RSCEI either themselves or with a different contractor. Details of our GDPR policy can be found on our website.