Red Gap Wind Farm Community Fund Grants Awarded

The following projects have been supported through the Fund. Grant amounts are shown as the total amount awarded at the time the grant offer was made.  All awards made are subject to contract.


4th Hartlepool Boys Brigade Co, Summer Residential for Disadvantaged Young People From Burn Valley, Hartlepool – £1,000
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Extension of a Village Footpath for Safety Issues – £4,995
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Solar Battery Power Bank for Village Outdoor Events – £2,560
Elwick Parish Council, Silent Generator – £3,729
Elwick Parish Council, Playing Field Dog Walk – £2,550
Elwick Parish Council, Battery Bank for Elwick Parish Events – £2,820
Greatham Village Players, Upgrade of Technical Equipment – £1,556
Hartlepool Rugby Football Club, Changing Rooms / Shower / Toilet Upgrade Project (Changing Rooms 3&4) – £5,000
LilyAnne’s C.I.C, Reducing the Feelings of Loneliness in Hartlepool – £5,000
Live Music Now , Music in Care Homes and Special Schools in Hartlepool – £4,140
Oxford Road Baptist Church, The Community Grocery – ORB Centre, Hartlepool – £10,000
The Wharton Trust, Replacing a Condemned Lift in The Annexe Community Centre – £25,000
West View Advice and Resource Centre Limited, West View Community Centre, Hartlepool – New Heating System – £20,000
Wynyard Parish Council (Hartlepool), Wynyard Park: Bus Shelter – £7,213
Wynyard Parish Council (Hartlepool), Benches and Bins – £2,616


4th Hartlepool Boys Brigade Co, Summer Residential for Young People in Burn Valley Ward, Hartlepool – £1,275
Dalton Piercy Village Hall Association, Detailed Design for Planning Permission for New Village Hall – £21,308
Dalton Piercy Village Hall Association, Clear Overgrown Areas of Site for New Village Hall – £4,900
Elwick Parish Council, The Village Green Free Book Kiosk – £6,320
Elwick Parish Council, Wildlife Garden Toolbank – £590
FC Hartlepool, Grayfields Goalposts – £4,980
Poolie Time Eco CIC, Poolie Time Eco Food Shop : Advisor for Energy and Money – £4,200
The Big League CIC, Toy Library for All (Salaam Centre) – £4,750


Dalton Piercy Village Hall Association, Provide Secure External Storage Facilities for Spare Equipment – £4,842
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Planting Orchard and Bluebells in The Batts Nature Reserve – £4,303
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Installation of ‘GridForce’ Reinforced Walkway – £3,567
Dalton Piercy Village Hall Association, Demolition of Village Hall – £8,800
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Footpath from Three Gates to the Village – £4,950
Hart Village Hall, Ceiling Tile Replacement (Proctor Lounge) – £714
Hart Village Hall, Storage Provision for Regular Hall Users – £2,816
Elwick Parish Council, Children’s Carousel – £4,567
Elwick Parish Council, Repairs to Village Green Road – £4,736
Hartlepool Rugby Football Club, Hartlepool RFC – New Match Floodlights – £7,000
Elwick Parish Council, Soft Fall Play Surface – £13,000
The Wharton Trust, Doing Up the Youth Club – £17,500


Miles for Men, Emergency Covid-19 grant – £1,562
Hartlepool Foodbank CIO, Emergency Covid-19 grant – £3,644
Elwick Parish Council, Events Equipment – £4,479
Elwick Parish Council, Parish Shed – £2,185
Elwick Parish Council, Wildlife Garden – £4,050
Miles for Men, Respite Accommodation – £20,000
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Installation of Edging Stones Around Village Pond – £2,525
Hart Village Hall, Security Installation – £864
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Footpath between Three Gates and Dalton Village – £4,950
Dalton Piercy Village Hall Association, Safety Analysis of Hall & Soil for New Building – £4,950
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Bulb Planting – £980


Music in Hospitals & Care (North Office), Concerts at The Bridge – £3,600
Wynyard Residents Association, Create a Care Home Therapy/Sensory Garden – £3,972
Dalton Piercy Village Hall Association, Replace Old Windows with Energy Efficient Double Glazed Units – £4,931
Families First North East, One77 – £7,500
Hartlepool Rural Plan Working Group, Digital Mapping Toolkit – £4,795
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, The Batts and Village Biodiversity Project – £4,720
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Restoration of Historic Village Green Installations – £3,194
Hart Parish Council, Digital Mapping Hardware – £2,295
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Digital Mapping Toolkit – £2,295
Elwick Parish Council Digital, Mapping of Elwick Parish – £2,295
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Village Green Trees Biodiversity Project – £1,270
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, To Extend the Footpath in the Village for Safety Aspect – £4,950
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Providing Solar Lighting and Security – £4,850
Miles for Men, Respite and Visitor Accommodation – £5,000
Greatham Community Association Ltd, Greatham Community Centre – Folding Furniture and New Curtains – £3,968


Hartlepool Town Pastors, Project Extra Teams – £600
Haswell Avenue Allotment Association, Environmental Pond Adaptation – £1,800
Greatham Residents Association, Village Green Replacement Safety Fence – £2,000
Fens Residents Association, Green Spaces Enhancement – £510
Hartlepool FC, Hartlepool FC Juniors – £3,000
Dalton Piercy Village Hall Association, Replace Tables, Chairs and Barbecue – £4,848
Grange Road Methodist Church Community Centre, Contribution Towards Broadband, Telephone and Chairs – £750
Elwick Parish Council, Church Bank Cinder Path – £14,150
Elwick Parish Council, Village Green East Footpath – £5,200
Hartlepool Rovers FC, Update and Replace Existing Floodlights – £5,000
Hartlepool Special Needs Support Group, Summer Programme – £3,000
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Improvement of Village Common Areas – £4,850
Families First North East, One77 – £4,985
Tees Valley Wildlife Trust Limited, The Howls Woodland Wellbeing – £2,000
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, New Footpath – £7,804


Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Pond Restoration – £6,400
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Provide Play Equipment and Safety Fence – £16,128
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Hexagrid on Green Areas – £3,969
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Phone Box Renovation to House a Defibrillator – £2,500
Dalton Piercy Parish Council, Fencing a Wild Flower Meadow and Ancient Field – £4,675
Elwick Parish Council, Play Equipment – £12,800
Hartlepool Stage Society, Purchase of a Storage Container – £2,000
National Museum of the Royal Navy, Hartlepool The HMS Trincomalee Playground – £1,928