Reaps Moss Community Benefit Fund


Reaps Moss Wind Farm, Bacup (Lancashire) / Todmorden (Yorkshire)

Total Grants Available:

£10,000 per year

Fund Provided by:

Vantage Infrastructure

In September 2015, Partnerships for Renewables (PfR) completed the construction of the Reaps Moss wind farm on the moors between Bacup and Todmorden. The site has 3 wind turbines with the capacity to power 8,000 UK homes each year. The site managers, Vantage Infrastructure will donate £10,000 each year for the life of the project, 20-25 years. Donations to the Fund will be index-linked, so can be expected to grow in size in most years.

Project Locations

Projects for which grants are requested must be located within the defined funding area. Please click on the map below to check that your project is located within the funding area.



There is a single application round each year. The next deadline is 26 February 2025 . Decisions will be announced by early May 2025.

Grants Awarded

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Grant Recommendations

A Community Advisory Panel (CAP) of local people has been established to help decide how to spend the Fund each year.

Grant Amounts

The Fund allows groups to apply for grants between £250 and £3,500. Please click below to read the full criteria.