Hornsea 3 Fisheries Fund


Between Corton (north of Lowestoft) and Sizewell (please see map below)

Total Grants Available:

£20,000 for four years (2024 - 2027)

Fund Provided by:

The Hornsea 3 Offshore Wind Farm Ørsted UK

Fund Overview

The purpose of these funds is to help finance, set up and support community projects that are a direct benefit to the fishing industry that operate in the same areas as the Kittiwake artificial nesting structures. It can be used for improving fishing port infrastructure, supporting training in the fishing industry, improving safety, providing necessary equipment and many others.

The fund is in recognition of the good cooperation that Ørsted aim to build between the fishing communities and the offshore wind developers.

Each year £20,000 will be available for a four-year period 2024-2027.

Grants of up to £10,000 are available each year for commercial fishers  and companies supporting the wider fishing community that are located between Corton (north of Lowestoft) and Sizewell and as shown on the funding zone map below. Please click on it to view a larger version.

There are two rounds of funding each year. Each fisher and/or company can only apply for one grant per year. Successful fishers and/or companies can apply for further grants in subsequent years but may not receive priority over others that are applying for the first time.

Grants can be awarded to individual fishers for equipment and boat safety improvements, for example, but priority will be given to projects that benefit the wider fishing community in the area.

Match funding is not required. This means you do not need to have other sources of funding, unless, of course, the items you are purchasing are above the grant value you are applying for.

The next two closing dates are:

Closing date/time:
22 May 2024, midnight
Decision by:
Early July 2024
Closing date/time:
13 November 2024, midnight
Decision by:
Mid-December 2025


Grants will not be available for:

  • Fishers that are located and operate outside the Funding Zone. You will need to demonstrate the location of your base and your fishing zones, when you apply.
  • Retrospective funding (i.e. funding can only be requested for works that will begin / expenditure that will be incurred AFTER our funding decision has been made). PLEASE NOTE: Funding is released upon receipt of a claim, evidence of expenditure (dated after the decision date) and photographs. This means you will be required to purchase the item(s) for which the grant is being provided and we will reimburse you, providing the required evidence of expenditure is submitted, within 4 weeks of receiving a claim.
  • Salaries or general running costs (i.e. diesel, mooring fees etc.)

How will your Application be Assessed 

The decisions on which applications receive grants will be made by a Panel which is comprised of Ørsted and Brown & May Marine.

If, after reading the above, you are confident that your project meets the criteria, please click Next, below: