Mynydd Portref Community Benefit Fund


The Wards of Brynna, Gilfach Goch, Llanharan and Tonyrefail West in Rhondda Cynon Taf

Total Grants Available:

£70,000 (17,500 for each Ward)

Fund Provided by:

Mynydd Portref Wind Farm


The Wards of Gilfach Goch, Llanharan and Tonyrefail West in Rhondda Cynon Taf.

Total Grants Available
  • For 2015-2016: £140,000, i.e. £35,000 for each of the four Wards above
  • From 2017: £70,000 per year, i.e. £17,500 for each of the four Wards above
  • From May 2022, following the merger of the Brynna and Llanharan Wards, the new ‘Llanharan Ward’ will receive 50% of the annual fund value

Each of these allocations is ring-fenced for community projects within the respective Ward. If not fully allocated, monies are therefore carried forward to benefit the Ward in the next, or subsequent years.

Closing Date

This Fund does not have any closing dates.

Grant Amounts:

Grants available will typically range from £250 – £10,000 although larger awards may be made by exception.

Eligible Organisations

Eligible Organisations that can apply for funding include:

  • Voluntary and community groups
  • Community Councils / Town Councils
  • The County Council (if they are applying on behalf of a community organisation, or for a community-led project)
  • Schools and educational establishments
  • Social Enterprises and Community Interest Companies operating on a non-profit-distributing basis. These are defined by Social Enterprise UK as ‘businesses that trade to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment. They make their money from selling goods and services in the open market, but they reinvest their profits back into the business or the local community’. Such organisations must have a minimum of three unrelated Directors.

Applicants need to have a written constitution, a set of rules, or a governing document and will need to have a bank or building society account with a minimum of two signatories in place before they can receive a grant.

Project Purpose

The Fund is open to community projects which are for the benefit of residents of the four Wards above. Some examples of the type of projects the Fund can support include:

  • Projects to improve public amenities e.g. community halls, sports facilities
  • Footpath works
  • Environmental and wildlife projects including projects to improve public parks and open spaces
  • Activities / events to engage the local community
  • Energy efficiency or renewable energy projects, such as insulation, efficient boilers or small scale renewable energy installations.

This list is not exhaustive and is provided to give ideas only.


Grants are not be available for:

  • Commercial organisations
  • Private membership-based sports clubs and facilities unless membership is open to the general public without undue restriction (i.e. not membership by nomination organisations or those with restrictive charges)
  • Projects that only benefit one individual
  • Projects that are narrowly religious in focus or that support a party political campaign
  • Retrospective funding (i.e. funding can only be requested for works that will begin / expenditure that will be incurred AFTER our funding decision has been made and a formal grant Contract issued)
  • Any works that are a statutory duty (such as scheduled transport services and works to public highways)

Applications for grants will be by invitation only. Eligible groups with potential projects should therefore, in the first instance, contact the delegated County Councillor for the Ward where their project is located as detailed below.

If the Ward’s funding allocation has already been fully used, the Councillor or GrantScape will confirm this. It may then be possible to consider projects for a grant in the following year.

Decision Making

Decisions as to which groups should receive grants from the Fund will be based principally on recommendations received from the County Councillor/s for the Ward where the project is located.

  • Councillors Geraint Hopkins, Janie Turner and David Evans for the Llanharan Ward (following merger of Brynna and Llanharan Wards in May 2022)
  • Councillor Aurfron Roberts for Gilfach Goch Ward
  • Councillor Karen Webb for Tonyrefail West Ward
Grants Awarded

For details of grants awarded to date, please click here