Middlemoor Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund – Funding Criteria for Community Groups and Organisations

Fund Overview

These are the specific funding criteria for the Middlemoor Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund.

  • The Fund has over £120,000 available each year.
  • There are three rounds, every 12 months, to consider applications over £2,500. The first round each year is in October, after GrantScape has received the annual donation from the Wind Farm.
  • A budget of c.£50,000 will be available at each round to ensure an even distribution of the funding across each of the three rounds, to not disadvantage groups applying to the later rounds in each 12-month period.
  • INDIVIDUALS can apply for grants between £250 and £2,500.
  • GROUPS applying for projects located with the Parish of Eglingham can apply for grants between £250 and £50,000, or for projects located within the 10km zone but outside the Parish of Eglingham, for grants between £250 and £30,000.
  • All applications less than £2,500 will be fast-tracked. This means that a decision will be notified within a month of the application submission.
Match Funding

Match funding is not required. However, priority may be given to groups who can demonstrate that efforts have been made to fundraise towards the project costs or that grant applications to other funders have been submitted.

In-kind contributions can be used as match funding. These are where materials, equipment or peoples time and skills are donated to the project at no actual “cash” cost to the project. These contributions can be made either by the applicant organisation or by other organisations, individuals or businesses. A formula within the application guidance notes shows how this can be calculated.

Project Location

Applications will be considered for community projects that will be delivered within a 10 km radius of the development. However, in each funding round, priority will be given to applications received from within the Parish of Eglingham, where the wind farm development is located.

Applications from Ellingham Parish are excluded as it has its own exclusive Community Fund from a different windfarm development. Click here

The community group funding area is shown on the map below – please click the map image to see the larger version:

Please check the map before you apply. If you are at all uncertain, please contact the GrantScape Team to discuss your application before you apply.

Project Purpose

Grants will be available for both capital and revenue projects.

  • Community buildings and facilities. For example: capital improvement works to village halls, community centres, museums, heritage centres and community cafes.
  • Energy conservation and renewable energy. For example: Insulation and energy efficiency improvements in community buildings, solar panel projects.
  • Community activities and services. For example: projects addressing health and wellbeing, social isolation, family poverty, community safety, access to amenities, young and older people’s projects, and projects providing support for local clubs and groups.
  • Environmental and public open space projects. For example: projects involving parks, nature reserves, community growing schemes, and habitat/species conservation.
  • Sports, recreation and play. For example: playgrounds, skate parks, sports equipment and sports field drainage projects.
  • Educational grants. For example: for individuals to support with transport to college, books, IT equipment, training courses etc..(Individuals must complete the different application to organisations click here).

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and you are encouraged to contact GrantScape to discuss any proposals you may have, particularly if you are unsure if your project is eligible. We would much rather have the conversation to confirm eligibility before you take the time to complete the application form to then find out your application cannot be progressed.

Eligible Organisations
  • Voluntary, community groups, local charities
  • The Parish Council
  • Social Enterprises and Community Interest Companies operating on a non-profit-distributing basis. These are defined by Social Enterprise UK as ‘businesses that trade to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment. They make their money from selling goods and services in the open market, but they reinvest their profits back into the business or the local community’. Such organisations must have a minimum of three unrelated Directors.
  • Schools

Applicants are required to have a written constitution, a set of rules, or a governing document and a bank or building society account, held in the name of the organisation, in place before applying for a grant.

If your project costs include VAT, which can be reclaimed, and you do not have enough reserves to cover the VAT element before reclaiming it, please contact GrantScape, to discuss this, before you begin completing your application.


Grants will not be available for:

  • Commercial organisations
  • Any works that are a statutory duty (such as works to public highways), or that are the legal responsibility of others to fund
  • Projects that are religious in focus, or that support a party political campaign or cause, or may bring the Fund into disrepute
  • Retrospective funding (i.e. funding can only be requested for works that will begin / expenditure that will be incurred AFTER our funding decision has been made and a formal grant Contract issued)
Judging Criteria

The criteria used when assessing applications received will be:

  • The level of community support for and involvement in the project
  • The local community benefit (social, economic and environmental) which will result from the project
  • How the work will be continued after the project has been completed, i.e. its sustainability and legacy
  • The ability of the applicant to deliver the project
  • Value for money

If, after reading the above, you are confident that your project is eligible, please click Next, below: