Middlemoor Community Benefit Fund Grants Awarded

March 2024

Ellingham Village Hall, Hall Damp Proofing and Condensation Work – £4,371

December 2023

Ellingham C of E Primary School, 2 Year Old Provision ‘Wellies&Wonder@Ellingham’ – £2,156

July 2023

Alnwick Rugby Football Club, Replace Floodlights – £5,000
Eglingham Community Association, Footpaths and Fingerposts Project – £10,000
Eglingham WI, Member Support for 3 Years 2023-2026 – £9,000
Whittingham C of E Primary School, Musical Provision Improvement – £3,747

May 2023

Eglingham Parish Council – £373 – Coronation Event Celebrations

Individual Award – £1,000
Individual Award – £2,500
Individual Award – £2,500

March 2023

Eglingham Community Association, Satellite Broadband Trial – £5,235
Friends of Berwick & District Museum and Archives, Eglingham Churchyard – More Than Just Monuments and Names – £5,921
The Rock Community Fund, Petanque Court, Rock Cricket Pitch – £2,500
William Robertson Homes, Renovation, Longhoughton – £13,117

Individual Award – £2,500

December 2022

Eglingham Parish Council, Defibrillator Requirements for Eglingham Parish – £2,571
Eglingham Parish Council, Purchase and Installation of Speed Warning Sign – £8,239
Northumberland Dog Rescue, Renewable Wood Burning Installation – £1,290

October 2022

Eglingham Parish Council, Additional Christmas Lights – £1,660

Individual Award – £2,500
Individual Award – £2,500
Individual Award – £2,500

GrantScape has administered this Fund from September 2022. The grants listed below were supported via the previous administrator. We are therefore unable to provide any further information or details on any of these grants.

June 2022

Eglingham Community Association – Tennis Coaching
Eglingham Community Association – Jubilee Celebrations
Eglingham Village Hall – Install Acoustic Panels and Replace Existing Light Fittings to LED’s
Eglingham Women’s Institute – Running Costs for 3 Years
Hear Abouts – Running Costs of the Parish Magazine, Years 4 and 5
South Charlton Community Network – A Community Gardening Initiative and Travel for Events

Individual Award – Competition Participation Costs
Individual Award – Support for University Studies

April 2022

Eglingham Parish Council – Replacement Tennis Pavilion, Concrete, Fixtures and Fittings
William Robertson Homes Association – Property Refurbishments in Embleton for Ex-farm Workers
South Charlton Village Hall – Install Outdoor Lighting and Purchase a Pergola
Community Action Northumberland – To Undertake 40 Household Energy Audits
Northumberland CVA – Providing Community Development Support Over 12 Months

Jan 2022

Age UK Northumberland – Running Costs to Ensure Services Reach the Over 50’s Living in Eglingham

December 2021

Eglingham Parish Council – Purchase of 4 Planters for North Charlton Village, Plus 3 Years Planting Costs
Eglingham Parish Council – Purchase and Install Christmas Lights in Eglingham Village
Eglingham Parish Council – Core Costs of the Eglingham Parish Local History Project

November 2021

Eglingham Parish Council – Replace the Tennis Pavilion on Eglingham Village Field
Hear Abouts – Towards the Parish Magazine to Cover Costs of Printer Rental, Supplies and Software

Individual Award – Accommodation Costs for the Academic Year 2021-2022

October 2021

Individual Award – Towards University Accommodation

August 2021

Eglingham Village Hall – Provide a Range of Educational, Cultural and Social Activities, Events and Trips

June 2021

Eglingham Parish Council – Phase 1 of a Biodiversity Survey
Eglingham Community Association – Towards Junior Tennis and Coaching
Eglingham Parish Council – Repairs to the Tennis Court Fence and Maintenance
Glanton Memorial Hall – Relocation and Refurbishment of Kitchen
Rock Cricket Club – Purchase and Installation of Two Lane Cricket Practice Nets
Eglingham Parish Council – Towards Phases 2 and 3 of Environmental Survey
South Charlton Village Hall – Purchase a Pizza Oven
Eglingham Cricket Club – Purchase a Ride on Mower

Individual Award – Purchase a Shooting Jacket and Travel Costs for Attending Competitions
Individual Award – Bagpipe Lessons
Individual Award – Bagpipe Lessons
Individual Award – Purchase Cricket Equipment and Support Related Travel Costs

April 2021

Eglingham Womens Institute – Annual Running Costs, Year 3

March 2021

St James South Charlton PCC – Lawnmower Maintenance and Fuel
North Northumberland Hospice – IT Infrastructure Support

Individual Award – University Study Costs
Individual Award – University Study Costs
Individual Award – IT Equipment for Study Support
Individual Award – IT Equipment for Study Support
Individual Award – IT Equipment for Study Support

January 2021

Northumberland Domestic Abuse Services – Raise Awareness of Domestic Abuse Across Rural Northumberland

November 2020

Lionheart Radio – Towards a New Radio Mast

Individual Award – Towards a Nail Technician Course and Equipment

July 2020

Eglingham Village Hall – Community Activities

Individual Award – Educational Support for University

April 2020

Little Acorns Pre-School – Lunch boxes and Educational Trips
Eglingham Womens Institute – 3 years Annual Running Costs (£2K per annum)
Northumberland Touring Theatre Company – The Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde

November 2019

Northumbrian Citizens Advice Bureau – Equipment to Support Advice Service
Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team – Winter Trousers
St James’ Church South Charlton PCC – Lawnmower Maintenance and Running Costs
Eglingham Parish Council – (EPC) Audit Fee

Individual Award – Apprenticeship Tools

July 2019

Eglingham Village Hall – Kitchen Refurbishment
Eglingham Village Hall – Creating Eglingham WI Centenary Garden
St James’ Church, South Charlton PCC – Churchyard Tree Maintenance
Hear Abouts – Printer Rental and Supplies for 5 Years
South Charlton Community Network – Grass Roots Activity in South Charlton
Eglingham Community Association – Pilates Classes

Individual Award – Educational Support
Individual Award – Educational Support

March 2019

South Charlton Village Hall – Purchase Small Folding Tables
Eglingham Community Association – Towards Running Costs of the Eglingham Craft Group
South Charlton Village Hall – Replace all of the External Guttering
Breamish Hall – Purchase a Commercial Oven and Extraction Canopy

Individual Award – Towards University Accommodation Costs

November 2018

St James Church PCC (South Charlton) – Replacing Oil-fired Central Heating System
St Maurice’s PCC (Eglingham)-  Church Heating System
Little Acorns Pre-school – Off-site Educational Trips
Little Acorns Pre-School – Intergenerational Seasonal Activities
NTC Touring Theatre Company – Performance in Eglingham Parish
Eglingham Community Association – Gate Repair and Tennis Club

Individual Award – Educational Support
Individual Award – Support for cricket Training Travel and Associated Costs
Individual Award – Online Editing Course
Individual Award – University Accommodation and Travel Costs

July 2018

Eglingham Parish Council – Resurface Car Park
Little Acorns Pre-school – Lunch Boxes
NTC Touring Theatre Company – Performances in Eglingham
St James’ Church PCC – Grass Cutting Equipment

March 2018

Eglingham Parish Council – Re-surfacing of the Village Tennis Court
St James’ PCC – Activities for Older People from the Parish of Eglingham

Individual Award – Cricket Training Travel and Associated Costs

November 2017

William Robertson Homes Association – Property Refurbishment
South Charlton Village Hall – Refurbishment of Village Hall
Eglingham Community Association – Improving the Cultural Footprint
Eglingham Community Association – Craft groups in South Charlton and Eglingham

Individual Award – Art Course Fees
Individual Award – University study
Individual Award – University study
Individual Award – College study
Individual Award – College study

July 2017

Brownieside And North Charlton Leek Club – Running Costs
Eglingham Community Association – Two Art Class Programmes

Individual Award – College Studies
Individual Award – College Studies

March 2017

South Charlton Village Hall – Kitchen and Hall Refurbishment
Eglingham Parish Council – Broadband North Charlton

Individual Award – Cricket Costs, Training, Travel, etc.

February 2017

Eglingham Parish Council – Broadband Survey, South Charlton

Individual Award – Canoeing Expedition

December 2016

St Maurice’s Church – Automation of Church Clock
South Charlton Village Hall – Roof Replacement
William Robertson Homes – Kitchen Replacement
Little Acorns – Learning Resources for Children

November 2016

St James’ Church, South Charlton – Urgent Roof Repairs

Individual Award – Travel and Equipment
Individual Award – Travel

September 2016

Individual Award – Travel Costs
Individual Award – Equipment and Travel Costs

August 2016

South Charlton Village Hall – Building Survey

Individual Award – Travel and Laptop Purchase

June 2016

Eglingham Parish Council – Refurbishment of Eglingham Village Hall
St Maurices PCC – Repairs to Church

Individual Award – Transport Costs

April 2016

Eglingham Parish Council – VAT Associated with Grant for Eglingham Community Trust

February 2016

Eglingham Cricket Club – Roller

Individual Award – Cricket Development
Individual Award – Geography GCSE Field Trip to Iceland
Individual Award – Training and Competition Costs
Individual Award – Northumbrian Pipes

November 2015

St James’ Church, South Charlton – Urgent Repairs
Brownieside & South Charlton Leek Club – Hall Hire, Social Events, Show Costs, Equipment and Expenses
Eglingham Parish Council – Eglingham Community Trust
Little Acorns – Early Talk Boost Training Programme

Individual Award – Transport to Newcastle College
Individual Award – Transport to Newcastle College
Individual Award – Transport to Newcastle College and Study Materials

July 2015

St Maurice’s PCC – Eglingham Roof Repairs
Eglingham Parish Council – Website
South Charlton Village Hall – Projector, Sound System and Installation Costs
Eglingham Parish Council – Eglingham Village Hall 100th Birthday Celebrations
Eglingham Parish Council – New doors at South Charlton Village Hall

Individual Award – Travel to Sixth Form

February 2015

St James’ Church – Windows

Individual Award – Training Costs
Individual Award – Study Trip
Individual Award – Training Costs

October 2014

Eglingham Parish Council – Defibrillators for Village Halls
Little Acorns – Pre-School Staff training
Eglingham Parish Council – New Heating System in Village Hall

Individual Award – Training Equipment
Individual Award – Transport Bursary
Individual Award – Transport and Learning Materials
Individual Award – Transport Costs

July 2014

Brownside & South Charlton Leek Club – Towards Running Costs
Eglingham CA – Public Address System, Tennis Net & Winder, CD Player
Eglingham Parish Council – Tree Planting
Eglingham Parish Council – Improvements to Village Field
Hear About’s – Magazine Printing Equipment and Production Costs for 5 Years
St James’ Church PCC – Roof Repairs and Guttering Work
St Maurice’s PCC, Eglingham – Roof Survey and Report

March 2014

Craftworks – Craft equipment
Eglingham Village Hall – Roof Repairs and Replacement Guttering
Little Acorns – Pre-School Learning Resources and Equipment for Outdoor Activities
South Charlton Village Hall – Level Hard-standing Around Building