Hornsea 3 Skills Fund

Introduction and Background

It is widely recognised that the UK will have a shortage of technical and engineering skills needed to meet the UK’s future employment needs. With this in mind, each year, up to £100,000 of the Hornsea 3 Community Fund will be set aside for a “STEM Educational Fund”. The aim being, to provide educational and learning opportunities for people within the Skills Fund benefit area (see map image link, below), to help improve their skills and employment opportunities.

The 2024 STEM Educational Fund is now closed to applications.

The 2024 application deadline has now passed and further applications are not being accepted at this time.
Decisions on the 2024 STEM Fund will be announced by the end of June 2024.

Ørsted Greener Futures Scholarships

£20,000 was ringfenced in 2024, the first year, to create the Ørsted Greener Futures Scholarships with the University of East Anglia. This will support one undergraduate and one post graduate student to do a STEM related course. Further information about this opportunity can be found by following the link, below:


The remaining £80,000 was available for grants through an open application process to experienced organisations that can develop and deliver STEM educational projects, including training and / or educational courses, a one-off event, or a programme of targeted events.