Hornsea 3 Community Consultation FAQ’s

Subject to positive Final Investment Decision expected in Summer 2023.

General Questions

Why did you undertake a Community Consultation exercise?
A. The purpose of the consultation was to:

  • Ensure local people and local groups have the opportunity to participate in how the Fund is established
  • Communicate the benefit areas or ‘funding zones’ where the Fund investment is most likely to be spent
  • Clarify the types of projects and organisations the Fund will support
  • Clarify the size of grants the Fund will support

How much is the proposed Community Benefit Fund (CBF)?
A. £7 million (over 10 years – £700,000 per year)

Is the CBF linked to inflation?
A. No the CBF is not index-linked. It will remain the same value every year.

How long will the CBF last?
A. The commitment is initially for a 10-year period.

Where does the money come from?
A. The money will come from Ørsted’s Hornsea 3 Offshore Wind Farm

Does Ørsted have to legally provide a CBF?
A. There is no statutory requirement for Developers to provide community funding. The Ørsted CBF’s are voluntary commitments that form part of Ørsted’s community engagement framework.

When will the consultation start?
A. 1 August 2022

When will the consultation end?
A. Approximately end March 2023

What was involved in the consultation?
A. The consultation process had three stages:

1. Online survey

The first step of the consultation process was an online public survey that ran for three months starting on 1 August 2022 and closed on 7 November. The survey had 16 questions and will took approximately 15 minutes to complete.

  1. Meetings with key stakeholders

The second step involved GrantScape consulting with key stakeholders including Local Authorities and voluntary and community infrastructure organisations to discuss the findings of the Stage 1 survey. These meetings were held in December 2022 and January 2023.

  1. Public events

In February 2023, GrantScape held a series of local, public, informal drop-in events (and two virtual as well for those who can’t attend the events) for anyone that wanted to know more about the Fund.

We will be happy to take contact details of all groups who have expressed an interest in the CBF and add you to a mailing list to receive updates on the consultation process and when the Fund goes live.

Will there be a final report produced on the consultation?
A. Yes, please click the mage below to view the report.

Did you consult on the funding area map?
A. We only asked for views from stakeholders who had a strong argument as to why the proposed map would create significant issues.

Was the consultation area the likely boundary for the Fund?
A. It is most likely that the consultation area map will be the geographical boundary of the CBF when it launches to applications in late Summer of 2023.

One of the most difficult aspects of shaping any new community fund is setting a geographical boundary. However, there does have to be a defined area in order to manage the number of applications that can apply to the Fund.

The consultation area for the Hornsea 3 Community Benefit Fund is defined by a map. This map includes a 5km coastal zone stretching from the Norfolk county boundary in Kings Lynn to the south of Lowestoft in Suffolk.

In addition, there is a 5km zone which follows the route of the proposed electrical cabling that will connect to the main Electricity Grid. The cabling route is considered part of the project development area and so is included in the community consultation. However, it is noted that the cabling routes of Ørsted’s other developments do not travel as far inland as the proposed Hornsea 3 development.

Ørsted will construct a new main logistics compound within the Parish of Oulton (East of Saxthorpe). This is part of the overall projects development area so is included within the community consultation area for the CBF.

The 5km coastal Zone, the cabling routes and other development areas included in the consultation area follow a consistent approach with all of Ørsted’s other CBFs.

A final version of the map will been calculated using Ørsted’s GIS software to ensure consistency.

Why are you proposing to change the current East Coast Community Fund (ECCF) boundary?
A. The ECCF has been live for over 5 years and it is working very well. The ECCF has a local Advisory Panel (AP) which helps in the decision process to ensure local input.

To simply merge the new Hornsea 3 Fund with the ECCF would see a funding zone stretching from Bridlington in East Yorkshire to south of Lowestoft in Suffolk. To keep it as one Fund with one AP would create logistical issues as the Group would become too big in number to effectively manage whilst ensuring sufficient local representation is provided for each area served by the Fund. The proposed split on the Norfolk / Lincolnshire border will result in two Funds with separate budgets which will be easier to manage and administer.

GrantScape has already consulted with the ECCF AP on the ‘split’. They are in support of this suggestion. Two of the current AP members representing the ECCF will become the first two members on the new Hornsea 3 CBF AP.

When might the boundary split occur?
A. If agreed, the change will happen in the Summer of 2023.

I have a potential project currently in the ECCF funding area which will become part of the new Hornsea 3 funding area. Will I still be able to apply?
A. If you are currently within the ECCF boundary, you can still apply to the round closing on 26 July 2023. After this, you would then submit applications to the new Hornsea 3 Community Benefit Fund.  This is still subject to the final investment decision (FID) being made to proceed with the development.

I / my project is currently located in the ECCF area. What if, after the consultation, the criteria is such that I can no longer apply for a grant?
A. This is unlikely but potentially possible as a community consultation is exactly that, to ensure the findings reflect the needs of the wider community. Your contribution into the process could therefore be really important.

I have a live ECCF grant in the proposed area of change. Will my grant be affected?
A. No, your grant is completely safe and will continue to be managed under the ECCF.

What happens after the 10 year period if the funding is not extended?
A. It has been agreed with Ørsted that if this were to occur, the current ECCF boundary would be reinstated so that any group in the North Norfolk Area and west of Wells-next-the-Sea can still apply for as long as the ECCF continues.

When will I be able to apply for a grant to the Hornsea 3 CBF?
A. It is expected the Fund will be live to applications in late Summer of 2023. This is still subject to making the final investment decision (FID) to proceed with the development.

I / my project is located outside the consultation area boundary? Can I still contribute to the consultation?
A. Yes, anyone is welcome to participate. You may be from an organisation located outside the boundary that can deliver community services within, so any feedback is important.

Who will be administering the Hornsea 3 Community Fund?
A. Ørsted has appointed GrantScape to manage the Hornsea 3 Community Fund. The charity already manages three other CBFs for Ørsted in other parts of the Country including the ECCF which already awards funds in North Norfolk.

When the Fund goes live, who will decide where the funding goes?
A. A local Advisory Panel (AP) will be established to help decide how the funding will be allocated. The AP will be set up during the consultation process. It is expected to be of a similar structure to the ECCF AP and will consist of local representatives.