Gib Lane Community Fund


Parishes of Bierton, Hulcott, Aston Clinton and Buckland in Buckinghamshire

Total Grants Available:

Approximately £14,800 per year

Fund Provided by:

Haymaker (Gib Lane Solar) Limited

Gib Lane Solar Farm is a development located south-east of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. The developer, Haymaker (Gib Lane Solar) Ltd, has committed £10,000 annually for a 25 year period into a Community Fund. The first donation was made in 2015, and as the Fund is linked to inflation, it is expected to grow throughout the life of the Fund. In 2024 the Fund value has increased to £14,896.

The Fund is for the benefit of four Parishes, Bierton, Hulcott, Aston Clinton and Buckland, and is divided up according to how much of the development was located within each Parish when the solar farm was constructed.

  • Bierton – 38%
  • Hulcott – 14%
  • Aston Clinton – 29%
  • Buckland – 19%

Groups located in one of the four Parishes can apply for grants of £250 up to the maximum amount available for their Parish that year.

To find out which organisations were previously awarded grants, please click here

There will be one application round to apply to each year. It is therefore important you submit your application by the deadline date (see top right of page) even if your project does not start or need any funds for several months.

All applications are submitted to GrantScape. We will review your application against the criteria and seek any clarifications from you directly. If your application does not meet the published criteria we will let you know and explain the reasons.

All eligible applications will then be presented to your Parish Council to seek its views on the suitability and benefits of your project. The Parish Council will recommend to GrantScape which applications are the most worthy of support.

GrantScape’s Board of Trustees will then make the final decisions, taking into account the recommendations made by each Parish Council. We will let you know the outcome of your application as indicated on the website (see top right of page).

All correspondence from us will be via the email address you provide in your application.  

Any questions about the Fund or the application process should be directed to GrantScape and not your local Parish Council.