East Youlstone Community Benefit Fund


East Youlstone, North Devon

Total Grants Available:

Approximately £15,000

Fund Provided by:

East Youlstone Wind Farm Ltd

The East Youlstone Wind Farm is owned and managed by Netro Energy Limited (originally developed by Airvolution Energy).

The Community Benefit Fund is currently open to new applications. There is approximately £15,000 available to give out in grants each year. The donation is linked to inflation and therefore is likely to increase each year.

Project locations

To see whether your project falls within the eligible funding area, please click on the map image below:

If you would like to check if your project is within the eligible area, click the ‘View larger map’ icon (top right)to access the magnifyer which, once clicked will enable you to enter the project postcode.


There is one funding round to apply to each year. The next deadline is 26 March 2025.

Grant Amounts

The Fund allows groups to apply for grants between £250 and £7,500. Please click below to read the full criteria and how to apply:


Applications will be reviewed by the local Advisory Group (AG) that has been established to help decide how the grants will be allocated from the Fund.

Below is a list of the current AG members:

  • John Colwill
  • Jonny Furze
  • Pauline Geen
  • Roger Haywood
  • Sue Joyner
  • David Luxton
  • Sarah Payne
  • Vicki Prance
  • Rachel Seagrave
  • Alan Wilson

To find out which organisations were previously awarded grants, please click here