Caird Peckfield Community Fund


Within 5 miles of the Peckfield Landfill Site, Ridge Road, Micklefield, Leeds, LS25 4DW

Total Grants Available:

£150,000 (approximately) per year

Fund Provided by:

Caird Peckfield Limited through the Landfill Communities Fund


The Caird Peckfield Community Fund will be closing following the application closing date in October 2022. Groups have two more opportunities to apply for a grant (closing dates 24 August 2022; 12 October 2022).


The Caird Peckfield Community Fund uses monies provided by Caird Peckfield Limited, under the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF). The company’s donation relates to the Peckfield Landfill Site, a fully permitted landfill disposal facility, located to the east of Leeds.

Project Location

Groups with projects that are located within 5 miles of Peckfield Landfill Site, Ridge Road, Micklefield, Leeds, LS25 4DW may apply for grants from £10,000 up to a maximum £50,000, subject to the Caird Peckfield Community Fund’s eligibility requirements.

Applications from outside this area may be considered, but these will be by direct invitation only.

To see whether your project falls within the eligible funding area, please click on the map image below:

If you would like to check if your project is within the eligible area, click the ‘View larger map’ icon (top right)to access the magnifyer which, once clicked will enable you to enter the project postcode.

Closing Dates

The next closing dates are:

Closing date:
24 August 2022
Decision by:
End October 2022
Closing date:
12 October 2022
Decision by:
Mid December 2022
Grants Awarded

To find out which organisations were previously awarded grants, please click here

Important Notes

Caird Peckfield Community Fund uses an online application process. Applications in other formats will not, therefore, be accepted.

If your group is not able to complete an online application form due to specific communication requirements, please contact GrantScape so that we can help you with alternative arrangements.