BBECF Application and Decision Process

GrantScape will ensure that all applications received are assessed fairly and transparently, and will follow an agreed and structured process as follows:

– All applications received are firstly assessed by a GrantScape Grant Officer. We will check that your application meets the criteria. If it doesn’t we will contact you to discuss the reason we believe it is not eligible. Depending upon the outcome of this discussion, we may advise you that your application can go no further.

– All eligible applications are then presented to our Community Advisory Group (AG) that has been established to help decide how the grants from the Fund will be allocated. The AG members have been carefully selected to ensure all areas that can benefit from the Fund are well represented by people with good local knowledge of the community and environment.

The AG currently consists of the following people:

  • Flintshire County Council – Sharon Barlow
  • Denbighshire County Council – Amy Selby
  • Wirral Borough Council – TBC
  • Sefton District Council – Paul McCann
  • Flintshire Local Voluntary Council – Heather Hicks
  • Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council – TBC
  • Community Action Wirral – Zel Rodgers
  • Sefton CVS – Nigel Sharp
  • Cadwyn Clwyd – Adam Bishop
  • Orsted Representative

Please do not contact any of the AG members directly to discuss your application (unless they are helping and advising you on your application as part of their role). All enquiries and questions should be directed through GrantScape.

GrantScape will operate a strict declaration of interests and conflict procedure at AG meetings.

The recommendations from the AG are then presented to GrantScape’s Board of Trustees to make final decisions on which applications will receive grants.

GrantScape will confirm by email the final decision on your application. This will be around the decision dates published on our website.

You may find the answers to any other questions you may have on our FAQs. If these still do not answer your question, please contact GrantScape.