WECF Additional Nature Conservation/Biodiversity Criteria

Biodiversity includes all species of plants and animals and the complex ecosystems of which they are part. It includes the whole of the natural world from the commonplace to the critically endangered.

This Fund will support biodiversity applications. Examples of what the Fund will support include:

  • Practical development and management works to create biodiversity value, where these works are site-based within the benefit area that relate to identified habitats and/or species
    Note: project works may occur at more than one site within the benefit area where there is ecological connectivity between them
  • Training, personal protective equipment and reasonable expenses for travel and sustenance for volunteers undertaking the project’s practical conservation works
  • The purchase or hire of tools and equipment for use on the project (i.e. mowers, workboats)
  • Education for site visitors etc (i.e. staff costs for its delivery), information leaflets about the project, signage and interpretation of biodiversity on-site.
  • Organisational and management overheads directly attributable to the project

The Fund will not support:

  • Site management costs where works are not related to identified habitats and/or species

If you have any questions, please contact the GrantScape team.