Local Wind Farm announces extra round of grant awards in 2023

Local Wind Farm announces extra round of grant awards in 2023

Local community groups will have two opportunities to apply for grants from the Ysgellog Community Fund in 2023. Funding is usually distributed just once each year but with an estimated £25,000 available in 2023 the Fund will move to two funding rounds giving more groups the chance to secure funding.

The announcement is being made as the successful groups awarded funding this year are also hearing the good news that they are to receive much needed grant assistance. This year sees six highly deserving projects sharing a total of £10,681.

The Ysgellog Wind Farm’s dedicated Ysgellog Community Benefit Fund, which launched in 2013, has since awarded £136,000 to 82 local community projects.

Celebrating their recent grant award is Cymdeithas Cymunedol Mechell, who will receive £1,581 to improve Siop Mechell’s community garden for children and install double-glazing in the cafe. Robin Grove-White, Chair, Cymdeithas Cymunedol Mechell said: “We’re delighted at this grant award. It’ll lead to extra pleasure for many people in our village, especially young children and mothers using the cafe garden. The new double-glazing will improve our energy performance, bringing down the cost of keeping the cafe comfortable for village residents. Many thanks Ysgellog!”

Another local group who is to benefit by receiving a grant of £1,500 is Cwmni Cymunedol Amlwch. Carli Evans-Thau, who volunteers for the group said: “Cwmni Cymunedol Amlwch are grateful to the Ysgellog Wind Farm Community Fund for their support in enabling the community shop to move, improve facilities and expand to provide a better service to the community.”

The other successful group’s this year are Grwp Cymuneddol #Caruamlwch, Ysgol Gynradd Amlwch, Yr Arwydd and Amlwch Town Council.

Groups located within a 4km radius of the Ysgellog Wind Farm turbines can apply for grants between £500 and £2,000. The two funding deadlines in 2023 are:

  • 8 February 2023 (decisions announced end April 2023)
  • 2 August 2023 (decisions announced end October 2023)

To find out more about the Fund and how to apply, please click here

Groups can also contact the Fund Manager, Liz Payne directly on 01908 247631 if they would like to discuss a potential project or need help making an application.

Photo: The new community shop frontage in Amlwch