Hull & East Yorkshire Children’s University Port Visit

Hull & East Yorkshire Children’s University Port Visit

The East Coast Community Fund provided Hull Children’s University with a grant of £18,430 to deliver a 12-month programme of activities, ensuring children in areas of high deprivation along the East Coast have access to social development programmes that help them develop the skills they need to achieve in adulthood. Working with Primary Schools, local employers and other stakeholders to develop a Children’s University across Bridlington, Hornsea, Withernsea and Easington, based on the Hull model but bespoke to their needs, demographics and employer profile.

Pupils from Bay Primary School in Bridlington went on a special behind the scenes tour of P&O Ferries and Associated British Ports as part of a Hull & East Yorkshire Children’s University experience, to raise their aspirations and give them an insight to the world of work.

The children had the pleasure of meeting crew members on board P&O Ferries, from engineers, entertainment staff, chefs and team members who look after passengers to discover more about their roles.  They asked questions to find out how long they’ve been working onboard the ferries, what qualifications are needed to do their jobs, and if they enjoy what they do. The children learned some of the crew are from various parts of the UK, Portugal, Holland, and the Philippines, finding it fascinating the number of different languages spoken onboard.

Pupils then toured the Ferry, discovering the history of P&O, where the cars and animals are stowed. They also saw the different restaurants onboard, cabins, entertainment areas and much more.

Following the tour of the Ferry, pupils were then met by the ABP Humber team, hopping back onto the bus to learn about the Humber as a Port. Pupils found out plenty of interesting facts realising the employment opportunities associated with imports and exports. Over 30,000 people work on the dock each day including all the ships and crew. ABP import 92 million tonnes of cargo each year, including everything from steel to donkeys and everything in-between. To help put things into context the children found out the port is 230,000 square metres large, equivalent to 32 Wembley Stadiums, and staggering 48,000 bananas would fit inside one 20-foot container.

Following the visit, the staff and children held an assembly for the whole school and parents, highlighting what they learned from the experience, linking into their Archie Bishop ‘Be the change you want to be’ project.

Lisa Whitton, East Riding Manager of Hull and East Yorkshire Children’s University said, “It was fantastic to see what the children have learned from the experience, and how they illustrated in an ingenious way the skills and qualifications needed for each of the jobs, which any of them could aspire to do in the future.  From engineering, chef’s, retail managers’, pursers and much more. I am incredibly proud of what they all got out of the experience and loved the way the children highlighted local businesses in Bridlington and the jobs available locally.  I look forward to working with the Bay Primary on the next stage of their project as they investigate the future regeneration of Bridlington.”

The following children from Bay Primary said:  Amelie, “I really enjoyed exploring around the ship and would love to be a Retail Manager when I’m older.  You helped me be more confident with my talking, you really inspired me!”

Ruby said, “When I first entered the ferry I was so excited.  Also, it was the best day ever because we explored the whole ship. I didn’t even know some of the rooms were onboard, and was really surprised.”

William said, “I thought the trip was extremely good because we got to go behind the scenes and saw things other people don’t get to see.  I enjoyed learning about the jobs because I got to find out what the crew do for their work.”

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