Rhuddlan’s Fresh Air Gym

Rhuddlan’s Fresh Air Gym

Rhuddlan’s Fresh Air Gym is now officially open to the public. The Fresh Air Gym is located at Admirals Playing Field. There are 10 pieces of equipment which includes two specifically for children and 2 for people in wheelchairs.

The Fresh Air Gym was officially opened by the Mayor of Rhuddlan who said:

“Rhuddlan’s Fresh Air Gym is a new facility in the community which will provide people of all ages and ability opportunities to take part in physical activity in a very attractive, safe environment.

Come along with friends and family to try it out. The outdoor gym is free to use and accessible for all. Grants were secured from the Burbo Bank Extension Community Fund, Tesco – Bags of Help, National Lottery – Awards For All and Denbighshire County Council Commuted Sums Scheme.”

Acknowledgement was given to the former Mayor of Rhuddlan, Sara King who came up with the idea of having a Fresh Air Gym in Rhuddlan. Sara said:

“The outdoor gym is installed right next to the children’s play area for a purpose. The scheme had particular interest from parents and grandparents who said that they would be likely to use the outdoor gym equipment while children were playing in the play area.”

Weekly sessions will be held over the summer. Keep an eye out on the Council website for details www.rhuddlantowncouncil.gov.uk

For full details about the Burbo Bank Extension Community Fund and how to apply, please click here