Working with communities

When we set up a Fund, not only are we committed to the corporate client providing the donation, we also work closely with the people in the areas the fund will benefit, to make sure the communities priorities are met.

As part of the initial process we will carry out some or all of the following, where necessary:

  • Attend public consultations arranged as part of the planning process to present the local
    benefits of the fund
  • Arrange and co-ordinate ‘focus groups’ with the communities to understand their local needs
  • Develop web-based grant application forms and comprehensive supporting guidance
  • Set up expert, independent local advisory groups to assist in deciding how best to invest the funds
  • Manage fund payments and undertake all related financial reporting
  • Monitor projects in progress and providing guidance to funding recipients where
  • Produce web-based case studies and e-newsletters to promote each fund

We can also provide:

  • A tried and tested online, paper-free application process which our applicants have
    consistently confirmed to be very user-friendly
  • Professional support for applicants should they need guidance in completing their
  • High quality input to decision-making, ensuring that the communities priorities receive funds
  • Cost-effective administration of funds from start to completion

If you would like to discuss how we can manage your donations to maximise the value to you and the communities you would like to support, please call:

Matt young, Chief Executive on 01908 247635 or use the form below:

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