Community Fund Management

GrantScape are Community Fund managers and administrators, specialising in designing and delivering top quality, cost-effective grant programmes for a range of clients. Since 1997, our experienced and dedicated team has successfully established and delivered over 75 Community Funds throughout England and Wales.

How we can help you?

If you or your organisation is considering setting up a community or environmental fund, GrantScape is very well placed to help you by:

  • Undertaking detailed consultation to understand the local needs and key benefit areas a fund may target. For an example of this, please click here
  • Designing a fund tailored to your specific objectives and branding requirements
  • Managing the entire grant application and assessment process smoothly through our user-friendly online system
  • Giving you as much or as little involvement as you want in actual grant decisions
  • Administering all aspects of grants that are awarded, including payments and the evaluation of project outcomes
  • Ensuring that we fulfil your internal reporting requirements
  • Promoting you or your organisation’s involvement and community support

Our Community Fund administration service

GrantScape’s service covers the entire grant-making process:

  • Attending public consultations (for renewable energy related Community Funds) to present the local benefits the Fund would provide
  • Arranging and coordinating ‘focus groups’ with the communities to understand their local needs
  • Developing web-based grant application forms and comprehensive supporting guidance
  • Setting up expert, independent advisory groups to assist in deciding how best to invest the funds locally
  • Managing fund payments and undertaking all related financial reporting
  • Monitoring projects in progress and providing guidance to funding recipients where necessary
  • Producing web-based case studies and e-newsletters to promote each fund and the involvement of our clients
  • Undertake full programme review and evaluation of the Community Fund and the impact it has made

If you or your organisation has already established one or more Community Funds and are finding it difficult and time consuming to oversee and manage the relationships with each local administrator, GrantScape is here to help, by:

  • Overseeing the delivery of all of your Community Funds ensuring that a consistent approach exists
  • Managing the local community’s expectations on your behalf
  • Attending local decision making meetings on your behalf
  • Undertaking a traffic light audit of each community fund, to ensure that best practice and transparency is being achieved (our client, Good Energy have recently appointed us to deliver this service)

Why choose GrantScape?

GrantScape has a long and successful heritage of community and environmental grant-making throughout England and Wales. As a client, you can therefore be assured that:

  • You will receive excellent value for money, because our processes have been tuned over the years to be as efficient and effective as possible
  • You will be working with an independent partner, with a robust internal controls environment, in whom you can have full trust
  • You will be supported by a respected Charity with a highly committed staff team

Contact us

For further details of how GrantScape can help you, please contact Matt Young, GrantScape’s Chief Executive:

telephone: 01908 247635
mobile: 07963 987657