Climate Change

GrantScape recognises that as an organisation, we must take urgent action in everything we do to help address the causes and impacts of climate change.

In December 2021 we signed up to the Funder Commitment on Climate Change. This means that we will report annually on our progress against the six goals listed below. We will actively encourage other Funders within our networks to sign up to this commitment.

We will make opportunities for our trustees, staff and stakeholders to learn more about the key causes and solutions of climate change. We have already completed environmental awareness training for all staff, and will be continually looking for additional courses and training wherever practical. One staff member has completed Carbon Literacy training and we will encourage other staff to follow suit.

We will commit resources to accelerate work that addresses the causes and impacts of climate change. (If our governing document or other factors make it difficult to directly fund such work, we will find other ways to contribute, or consider how such barriers might be overcome).

GrantScape remains committed to provide a substantive training budget for climate change training courses and education for all staff, and to ensure we allow time within the organisation to review and make improvements to our own environmental performance.

Within all our existing programmes, priorities and processes, we will seek opportunities to contribute to a fair and lasting transition to a post carbon society, and to support adaptation to climate change impacts.

GrantScape has updated its application forms across all grant programmes with enhanced environmental and sustainability questions, and we have placed greater emphasis in the judging criteria to prioritise grants with greater environmental benefits.  For one of our larger grant programmes, we have introduced an ‘Inspired by Green’ priority on applications. We are also now administering a new Fund which only supports projects that aim to work towards net zero.

We will recognise climate change as a high-level risk to our investments, and therefore to our mission. We will proactively address the risks and opportunities of a transition to a post carbon economy in our investment strategy and its implementation, recognising that our decisions can contribute to this transition being achieved.

GrantScape does not hold an investment portfolio with all funds held as cash deposits. However, we are committed to the ongoing review of where these funds are held, and will move deposits to institutions with higher ESG ratings, wherever practical.

We will take ambitious action to minimise the carbon footprint of our own operations.

I March 2024, we completed a full review of all our activities to establish practical and achievable policies and action plans to reduce our own impact.

We will report annually on our progress against the five goals listed and will continue to develop our practice, to learn from others, and to share our learning, wherever practicable.