Ramsey Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

Ramsey Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund


Parish boundaries of Ramsey, Bury and Upwood and the Raveleys, Cambridgeshire

Total Grants Available:

£40,000 per year

Fund Provided by:

REG Power Management

The first round is now open to new applications. There is £40,000 available to give out in grants.

Project locations

Projects for which grants are requested must be located in the Parish boundaries of Ramsey, Bury, and Upwood and the Raveleys.


There is one funding round to apply to each year. The next closing date for applications is 6 September 2017.  Applications will then be reviewed by the local Community Advisory Panel (CAP) that has been established to help decide how the grants will be allocated from the Fund.

The CAP consists of: 3 x Huntingdonshire District Councillors ward members for Ramsey, 1 x Huntingdonshire District Councillor ward member for Bury, 1 x Huntingdonshire District Councillor ward member for Upwood & the Raveleys, and 2 x County Councillors.

Final decisions will be announced by the end of October 2017.

Grant Amounts

The Fund allows groups to apply for grants between £250 and £20,000. Please click below to read the full criteria and how to apply: